Tech Inside

AGP Protection Technology

With the outstanding R&D ability of AOpen and its specially developed circuit, AOpen provides a new technology to protect your motherboard from being damaged by over-voltag of AGP card. With AGP Protection Technology implemented, the motherboard will automatically detect the voltage of AGP card and prevent your chipsets from being burnt out. 

With new technology of this jumper, you may set pin1-2 (default) to have your VGA card installed on AGP slot. If you would like to use PCI slot for your VGA card, you may set it to pin2-3. Please note that 3.3V VGA card are not allowed to be installed on either AGP slot or PCI slot, otherwise, LED3 (on the panel of Dr. LED module) will light up to inform you the possible damage and South bridge will get crashed respectively. You may contact the vendor of your AGP card for further support. 


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